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Resolute Motorsports Club (RMC) is a comprehensive recreation and tourism development based around motorsports. The development features multiple motorsports courses, accompanying commercial park, and real estate development features that will make it an attraction for all residents and visitors to the Columbus region. RMC will be located twenty minutes from downtown Columbus on approximately five hundred acres. RMC will be developed in three phases and ultimately include a member’s only clubhouse, garage condos, event center, performance center, fuel station, two full-length road courses, kart track, autocross course, skid pad and off-road rally-cross area.

The Columbus region is a far underserved market for motorsports tourism and a primary focus of RMC is the growth and development of motorsports activities in the area. Motivated by a passion for driving, the facility plans to expand the region's traditional motorsports user group through accessible and affordable programs, and a variety of driving experiences. As an all-encompassing motorsports facility, RMC is focused on enabling new local motorsports users, as well as attracting motorsports tourists from around the globe. Once completed, RMC’s comprehensive facility with six unique driving courses will have the ability to serve more than seven groups simultaneously. A wide range of users will have access to the facility through public visitor programs, club and corporate group rentals, as well as exclusive membership access. Public education, motorsports orientation programs, and a range of on-site amenities will draw new visitors to the facility and expand the user group by producing a demographic of new motorsport participants.


For those who want the ability to explore the limits of their car on their own time, the Resolute Motorsports Club subscription model will offer exclusive track access, club level competition events, exclusive experiences and instructional opportunities, as well as access to unique site amenities. As a major development in the Columbus region, RMC is intended to be an attraction to a wide range of visitors, with a diverse set of amenities and recreation opportunities available.

RMC Planned Build Schedule:

Phase I:
Member's 2 Mile Road Course
Trackside Garage Condo Units
1 Mile Karting Course
Rally Cross Course

Phase II:
Member's Club House
Trackside & Off Track Garage Condo Units
3.5 Mile Public Course
Event Center
Fuel Station
Karting Center Clubhouse

Phase III:
Off Track Garage Condo Units
Skid Pad
Performance Center
Rental Garages
Business Park
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